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PRACTICE with HEIDI .....  anywhere on YogaAnytime !

How exciting !  Now you can take clases with Heidi when it suits your schedule. Heidi has recently join the global family of seasoned practitioners at YogaAnytime. 

YogaAnytime is committed to extending your practice beyond the studio, offering fresh yoga videos all the time.

Stay close to your practice with themed classes that let you decide how you'd like to focus your practice each day.


Sign in at & use Promo Code -  4668RXX

Heidi's new students receive a 30-day free trial as opposed to the standard 15-day trial. 

   ZOOM classes     

         Saturdays 9:30-10:50am

      sign up thru TheGivingRoom 

    Mondays 11-12:00             

sign up thru Yoga Shanti

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